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Trading of different breakout-setups from very short-term/intraday to long-term on both sides of the market buy & short. Investment banking portfolio for stable long-term returns.

Trading in the forex market with crypto based margin accounts. Altcoin and Stablecoin trading strategies for maximizing the performance on average risk parameters.

As part of an investment banking internal refinancing structure, the collateral pool represents an essential part of short-term Interim financing for major infrastructure projects. High returns can be achieved with minimal risk through leveraged credit lines via custodian banks.

With investment banking financing methods & leveraged project financing, a very lucrative income can be generated in the Bavarian real estate market. All information on past & future projects can be requested from our partner company.

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NextGen Consulting Ltd. cooperates internationally with strong Product providers to create the most exclusive and best offers for investors from a wide range of investment sectors.

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