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Partner agreement changes

in this newsletter we would like to inform you about an important change, and we ask you to read this newsletter carefully.

In recent months, we and our support team have received an increasing number of complaints. Specifically, the complaints concern the upline's partner support, i.e. the sponsors or their sponsors.

Good and detailed support is a matter of course in network marketing. After all, this is exactly why you are paid by commissions, which you get for recommending the business to other people.

The success or failure of any network marketing company depends, among other things, on the active participation of its partners. If partners are inactive and therefore no longer care about active partners in their structure, this has far-reaching effects on the entire company.

The "non-management" of the partners in the downline ultimately results in inactivity in the entire structure down to the bottom, since no one takes care of explanations, information and management within this structure anymore.

Due to this lack of partner support, we are forced to change the partner agreement (which defines and regulates such things between MSX and its partners) as of August 1, 2018.

The changes in our partner agreement will be as follows:
7. Partner activitiy (New)
7.1 The partner has three different activity states, the states are active, temporary inactive or inactive
7.2 The partner needs to requalify every quarter to stay active. The qualification criteria are dependent on the current success ladder status and revenue.
7.3 When the partner fails to requalify, the account will be set to temporary inactive and all commission is on hold. As soon as the qualification criteria is met, the commission becomes available.
7.4 The partner is set to inactive after 6 months of temporary inactive. The partner loses the success ladder status and all leads.

8. Commissions
8.2 The partner is only entitled to receive commissions if the partner activity state is active (New)

The exact amount required for qualification will be shown on the dashboard as of 1.8.

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