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All about MySystemX, the concept and related questions, which may pop up:

MySystemX is a trademark of; and operated by NextGen Consulting Limited, registered company number: 193895.

Collecting money from third parties (e.g. You), holding that money and dealing with it, requires a lot of cost intensive licenses and administrative efforts related to money laundering preventions. Such barriers are impossible for small and medium sized companies in general. Our expertise is on building networks and professional marketing. We were searching and got hired by a partner company. The partner company is executing all the sensitive and very specific tasks in the field of Forex trading and administration.

Together with our partner we have developed a sophisticated and legal concept with all required licenses. Further we created a tailored and feasible marketing plan that allows you to earn money in several ways. We as a company earn money for every successful 'Lead' we forward to our partner company. A lead is considered successful when our partner company collects money from that investor. This guarantees your income out of the marketing plan.

By requesting information about the solutions of our partner company, an affiliate/partner account is automatically created for you and all details are sent to you via email. Afterwards you can complete your profile, this is mandatory to become a fully recognized partner with us.

Before passing all information to our partner company a quick syntax and semantic check is completed, for example, checks on the legitimacy of the name and email address used. You will normally receive a welcome email within a few hours, 24 hours at the very latest.

Network Marketing Questions

The answers to most of the common questions are below:

We have developed a powerful unilevel marketing plan with several income streams. The unilevel plan consists of 9 status levels each with different percentage values.

For every directly referred investor, a commission is paid according to your status level.

With our success ladder system, every partner can reach a higher level by building teams down to 9 levels. Your status depends on the total deposit volume of your team; every team level has a different weight to the total volume. An additional one-time bonus is paid when moving to the next bonus level.

From status level 2 it is possible to earn commissions for every new indirect investor, if your referred partner has a lower status level.

Last income stream is the participation on trading profits when reaching status level 3.

The marketing plan can be found in the member area after login.

You need to be a full partner and verify your account in order to activate the withdrawal options.

The website of My System X is a trademark of; and operated by NextGen Consulting Limited

Register number: 193895

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