About Us

About Us

NextGen Consulting Ltd. was founded in January 2017 by specialists and networkers from various countries around the world and specializes in providing investors and networkers with the most exclusive and best offers from a wide range of investment areas.

The foundation of NextGen Consulting Ltd. was the result of our wish to create an opportunity for networkers and investors in the field of investment, which offers the highest security and trust in contrast to the many other systems, often designed for a short term.

Our goal was to find partner companies that would meet our strict and demanding expectations. Currently we found two partners we can absolutely rely on. Based on these agreements with our cooperation partners, we can finally offer something that existing and future partners expect from us: Absolute transparency and longevity!

Our Mission

Networking combined with smart investments

Our extensive network gives our partners the opportunity to generate lucrative income by recommending various investments. Thanks to our broad product range, our cooperation partners can find the right product for every investor. Further information can be found in our guaranteed marketing plan.

Benefits & Risks

Why Choose Us

The benefits of the product portfolio from our partner companies include the ability to gain exposure to different asset classes and market sectors. Further our tailored marketing plan guarantees income.

  • Diversification
  • Potential wealth generation
  • Collateral Pool – Investment Banking
  • Network Marketing
  • Career System
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We Are Different

  • Unbeatable corporation’s with partner companies

    The financial products of our partner companies serve a wide range of investment categories, so that the ideal product can be found for every investor. By developing our own strategies and projects, we can effectively beat the market.

  • Guaranteed marketing plan

    The tailored marketing plan is calculated in such a way, that all commissions and bonus payments are guaranteed. No changes will apply unless they are positive. No man-made barrier at any stage!


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