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Short update before the weekend

Dear Partners and Visitors of MySystemX,

After sending out the newsletter last time, we recognized that it was not really shorter than the previous one. Sometimes there is more to say as someone might think when starting to write, but this time it will really be just a quick one.

We have three main topics we want to talk about in this newsletter. The most exciting one about an update of the broker, the responsibilities of all our partners and some website/feature updates.


Is the broker launching next week?

Lots of people are already very exciting about the start of the broker and the introduction about the products and solutions the broker may offer. We got informed that the most difficult obstacles are passed and everything looks very good, so that the welcome email will arrive to all people who filled out the enquiry form by mid next week. This will include all information about the broker itself, about the products and solutions and also a registration guideline.

At the moment the last important interface testing to the payment provider and trading servers are done. Even if there are small problems on the interface to the trading servers (creating accounts, etc.), everything in regards to registration, verification and deposit can be completed in the meantime. This will help to not concentrate all required work to a single event and keep the workload for the support and compliance team in a balanced way.

To summarize again:
At the moment everything looks good for next week, but if there are any concerns or delays due to a non-expecting problem, we will inform you immediately.


What is your responsibility as a Partner?

More and more enquiries are reaching our support team, even from already “registered” partners, with questions like “How can I invest” or “How do you earn profit” or other questions related to the products and services of our partner company. All this questions are leading to a lack of communication or lack of interest from an objective point of view.

We want to run a serious business and want to give every one of you the possibility to be part of it. We expect from every partner to introduce us in a proper way, which includes:

  • Only use marketing materials provided by us and always refer to the latest versions
  • Explain every interested person the whole concept until the person is confident that it is clearly understood.
  • Get in contact with our marketing team if you want to create your own marketing materials or want to change the official ones.
  • Do not spam or abuse on social media, or any other way of communication, in the name of MySystemX or cast MySystemX into a negative light.

We have an audited concept of providing network marketing in the field of financial services. We are acting as marketing company providing only solution overviews of possible financial products and are mainly generating leads for a third party company. MySytemX nor any partner is giving any financial advice or is doing any kind of financial agency service.

It should be in all our interest to protect us and in this case automatically you if you do your work faithful and accurate. We give you all information and material you need to setup a successful business.

To strengthen our relationship, we also need you to report any partner, who you know or heard or recognized any abusive attitude e.g. mass spamming on Facebook. Therefore, we have setup an own email address ([email protected]) which may be used to send details and evidence. If the evidences are accurate and legit we will expel this partner from our program for lifetime.


Website Features

This week a new language (French) have been implemented and Turkish has been completed after a complete new proof read from another translation agency as the quality of the first one was not good. Russia is also ready and will be implemented today.



Sometimes people are asking our support team regarding a verification and that the documents have already been uploaded twice. The case was always that the documents didn’t upload properly. Please read the instructions about the format and the file size on the profile page. The upload was successful when the upload forms disappear and a text is shown that the document confirmation is under process.


Thanks to all partner for your continuous work, we really appreciate it and are happy what you have achieved so far. At the minute of writing this newsletter there are 1918 interested persons and/or partners in our database.

We are looking forward to working with you in a team!

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