Network Marketing

Network Marketing

NextGen consulting Ltd opens the possibility to strengthen the network and to participate in the success of NextGen Consulting Ltd and its partner companies. For this purpose, a tailored marketing plan has been developed, reflecting the needs of the company and its partner.

NextGen Consulting Ltd was hired by the partner company to undertake any marketing activity and will in return receive money for so-called 'leads' from new investors. Aside from conservative advertising methods, one agreed on offering network marketing since it is cost-efficient and sometimes even more effective.

The partner program of NextGen Consulting Ltd is perfectly designed and different for each of the offered products and solutions. All details can be found in the marketing plan.

Together towards success

Success Ladder System

Different percentages will be paid out, depending on the degree of partner volume, the payouts increase.

At each new level, a one-time bonus shall be paid. These bonus payments subsequently measure the creation of a partner network. You can reach each level without any time-spans.

From level 3 and above, one is able to participate in the profits of acquired investors.



Status Levels

Each partner starts at level 1 and can work his way up.

Bonus System

At each new level, a one-time bonus shall be paid.

Recurring commissions

Additional participation in trading profits starting at level 3.


($) Commissions

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